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Best 800 Watt solar generators

2 Best 800 Watt Solar Generators & Power Stations

Although the best brands do not have a large variety of 800 Watt solar generators and power stations. But we have 2 best 800 watt solar generators for our readership that will help you power up all your camping devices all day long and at night with 800W battery juice. The recommendations in our list are based on best customers’ review, Editors’ Choice, and the best products in the market. Pick up one best that suits all your home and camping needs. Get it delivered straight on to your door step:

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[Great Capacity to Size Ratio] – With 716Wh LFP cells and an 800W inverter, the EB70S weighing only 21.4lbs can power almost all your essentials on the road, from your phone to an electric cooker.

[Power All Loads for the Road] – EB70S has everything you need in one unit, including 800W AC outlets/100W PD/USB-A/DC 5521/carport. A 15W wireless charger greatly facilitates the charging of phones.

[Fast Recharging] – With the built-in MPPT controller, EB70S can be recharged from 0 to 80% within 3 hrs by max. 200W solar or AC input. It can also get fully recharged from a 12V or 24V car port.

[2500+ Life Cycles to 80%] – The solar generator outshines the others in battery life with its ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery cells and premium BMS tech, making it a reliable and secure power backup.

[What You Get] – BLUETTI EB70S portable power station, AC adapter, solar charging cable, car charging cable, user manual, 24-month warranty, and friendly local/online customer service.

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✅【BEST FOR OFF-GRID】Weighs only 21.4 lb with a foldable handle, EB70S is easy to carry and convenient to store. The 716Wh capacity provides enough power, while the built-in LED flashlight will back you up in the dark.

✅【FAST RECHARGING】With a max input power of 200W, either from a wall outlet or solar panels, the EB70S solar generator can be recharged from 0-80% in only 3 hours. You can also fully recharge it with a 12V/24V car outlet or a generator.

✅【LiFePO4 & BMS】The premium lithium phosphate battery comes with 2500+ life cycles, which is 2-4 times longer than general li-ion technology, and the protection of the Battery Management System will better improve battery performance.

✅【EFFICIENT & STABLE】4 x Pure Sine Wave AC outlets and Regulated 12V DC ports can protect sensitive devices by generating stable power. While 2 x 100W PD ports can fast charge your phones, tablets, laptops, and more appliances.

✅【WHAT YOU CAN GET】1 * BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station, 1 * 200W AC Adapter, 1 * Car Charging Cable, 1 * Solar Charging Cable (DC7909 to MC4), 1 * User Manual

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