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Alienware x17 Review

Alienware x17 Review


Alienware’s thinnest laptop yet! 

In this, Alienware x17 review, you’ll find everything that you need to know about the new Alienware gaming laptop. Dell has launched a new shiny, and powerful version of their gaming laptop in a very short time after the launch of their previous Alienware’s flagship 17.3-inch gaming laptop.

It is an attractive, sleek, thin yet powerful gaming laptop with a 17.3k inch powerful display and smooth running powerful octa-core Intel processor. It is an ideal desktop replacement for gamers with a 4k display.  

Key features that will be focusing in this Alienware x17 review are

  • ·       Specs,
  • ·       Price
  • ·       Release date
  • ·       Battery life
  • ·       Features
  • ·       Design 

Let’s dive into the x17 r1: Price, Specs, Pros, and Cons.

Firstly, let’s talk about the general design of the laptop.

Dell has launched a brand new product with a new design, new chassis, new thermal system, new everything.  It only comes in the white color exterior which is very elegant and also shows the curvature and design language of the laptop better, as compared to the darker colors on light colors, you can see the details a little bit better. The interior however is in greyish black with a speckled pattern to it.

The x17 model is only available in one color, unlike its previous top-end devices that have had two sometimes three different color options for their exterior. But this might change in the future.

The tail end of the device has still the iconic Alienware look. It got that RGB trim light as well as the hexagonal grid for the exhaust. They have upgraded the trim light this year so you can customize the lighting on the rear of the device if you choose to do so.

Alienware x17 Specs 

Before going into the details of our Alienware x17 review, let’s have a look at a quick specs table

Launch date
June 15, 2021 (Official)
414,628.92 Pakistani Rupee
Screen Size
17.3 inches, 120Hz, 4ms
4500 mAh
Maximum Resolution
Display Technology
Hard Disk Size
1 TB
11.79 x 15.72 x 0.82 inches
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
Wireless Communication Standard
Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E
Available on

Alienware x17 review: list of specs

The x17 R1 comes with 256GB of SSD storage. The graphics are handled by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. It comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/Yes, Bluetooth, and 4 USB ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type A), USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type C), Thunderbolt 4 (Type C), HDMI Port, Multi Card Slot, Headphone and Mic Combo Jack, and RJ45 (LAN) ports.


 The laptop comes in two boxes, the second box contains the laptop in it. It has a white color similar to the laptop itself. Both the power supply and power plug are present in the original box. The laptop box is covered with easy-peel cellophane. It has two flaps open at the front and has a magnetic closing mechanism on it. The box also contains some usual pamphlets and some nice alien stickers.

The next portion of the Alienware x17 review discusses the features of the laptop.

Alienware x17 Features


The first feature that the company talked about is the design thickness. It is by far the thinnest design the company has ever put out. All of their previous design have been thicker and very well built and are super solid so one may think that by going this thin they may lose their structural tackiness but the device is still super solid. They managed to maintain its structural rigidity while making it so thin and it only weighs about 3.2kg. It’s a 17-inch laptop and when it comes to big devices the built quality is an important thing with which they have done an excellent job. 

The Inside

The back panel of the laptop comes off quite easily. Inside there are some good things and some less good things.

There are 2 NVMe slots and one of them can run on PCI-E 4.0 so it’s super-fast. The other one is just PCI-E 3. X15 comes with baked RAM and a removable Wi-Fi card but in x-17 it is reversible. X17 comes with a Wi-Fi card that’s baked on but removable RAM. From the user’s point of view, they are both not ideal but especially the baked Wi-Fi is never good.

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The laptop has a flipped motherboard so to have a look at the thermal interphase material you have to do a fairly extensive disassembly if you want access to the CPU and GPU side.


The laptop is running on 4 fans. Two big ones and then two small ones and in addition to these fans they are also running a new thermal compound. It’s a phase change material that is gallium-based. It’s a new addition to x17 and they have done a fantastic job with this new thermal system it cools incredibly well now it can be due to the thermal system or four fans that it is running on.  The fan noise of Alienware gaming laptops is also minimum during low loads like streaming videos and browsing despite having two times more fans than other laptops.

Ports and Slots

Port selection for the Alienware x17 gaming laptop is pretty good. There is a power plug on the left and a headphone jack on the right but apart from these, there are no ports on the side. Due to the addition of extra fans, all the ports are moved to the back of the device.  

Next up in the Alienware x17 review, we discuss the keyboard and trackpad of our Alienware gaming laptop.


Alienware x17 keyboard uses the Cherry MX mechanical switches. This makes the typing and gaming experience very enjoyable although if you’re someone who is noise sensitive or doesn’t like the sound of clicks you might not like it. Unlike the previous 17 inch device, the Alienware x17 keyboard doesn’t have a number pad which again might a drawback be for some people.  Another thing about the Alienware x17 keyboard is the lack of back lightening on many of the secondary functions of the keys like the F keys, the dollar sign, or even the numeric. If you’re using any of the functions in the dark then it is a problem but aside from that, the keyboard is fantastic!


 Alienware x17 trackpad lights up. This feature is present with the highest configuration i.e; RTX 3080 configurations which is cool. Nevertheless, it is a small and basic touchpad with support for gesture customization in windows.

The next portion of the Alienware x17 review discusses the screen and camera specifications.


In terms of the screen, they have three options available at the moment. A 4k panel and two 1080p options. The 4k panel looks bright, it’s very color accurate, super-fast and it has a nice screen. However, it doesn’t support advanced Optimus or mux switches but they do have a mid-tier option like a 1080p 360-hertz panel that does support advanced Optimus but the 4k panel, as well as the entry-level screen, can’t connect directly to the video card for the best possible performance.


X17 r1 has one HD RGB-Infrared camera in the front with CMOS sensor technology. Camera resolution for still images is 0.92 megapixels and for video, it is 1280 x 720 (HD) at 30 fps.

Alienware x17 Battery Life

Next in the Alienware x17 review, we will discuss the Alienware x17 battery life. It has a pretty big battery 87Wh. With a normal workload, it lasts for almost 4 and a half hours. It comes with a 330W charger which is quite heavy but the good thing is that it charges the device very quickly from 15% to 100 capacity in almost an hour.

Alienware x17 Release Date

In this part of the Alienware x17 review, we discuss the Alienware x17 release date. Along with all of the other speculations that surround the release date.

The official Alienware x17 release date was June 15th, 2021. So this powerful gaming laptop is already on the market. You can buy it on amazon. A new model x17 R2 has also been released in the market on 4th January 2022. The good thing is all of these Alienware models are upgradeable and they come with two removable RAM slots. 

Alienware x17 Price

The next thing that we will discuss in our Alienware x17 review is the price tag that this beast of a laptop comes with. It comes with a price tag of $2,353.84.  Depending upon the core and RAM used higher and lesser options are also available for example Core i9-11980HK or RTX 3060, respectively.

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Next up in the Alienware x17 review, we will be discussing some similarities and differences between the x17 and its predecessor x15.

Differences between Dell Alienware x15 R1 and x17 R1

X15 weighs 750 grams less (around 1.65 lbs) than x17 and is significantly easier to carry around. It has a much smaller footprint on the other hand x17 Includes an old-school USB-A port. It has Thinner bezels and a 3% higher screen-to-body ratio. It can run popular games at about 6-8% higher FPS. X17 also has a User-upgradable RAM (up to 64GB).

The next portion of the Alienware x17 review discusses the pros and cons of the laptop.

Alienware x17 review | Pros and Cons

  • Excellent gaming experience
  • Beautiful display
  • Better design than M series
  • Thin
  • A lot of Ports
  • Very expensive
  • Fan noise
  • Small trackpad
  • Lack number pad
  • Very big and heavy Ac adaptor

Lastly, in the Alienware x17 review, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q. Is alienware x17 upgradeable?

Yes, it certainly is. All Alienware X17 R1 models include two RAM slots that can be upgraded if they haven’t already been upgraded.

Q. What's New in Alienware X17 R1?

Along with the improved thermal system, x17 has the following new features

  • Alienware’s Quad Fan Design
  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors 
  • GeForce RTX™ 30-series graphics 
  • Nvidia G-Sync & Advanced Optimus Technology  

Q. Is Alienware PCS Good?

 In general, every current Alienware system offers above-average gaming performance, along with high-quality system design and build, as well as excellent after-sales and warranty services. Your products have a high recognition value and make statements about the owners.

Q. Why is Alienware expensive?

We know high-performance components are very expensive. Small powerful components are even more expensive! The components of an Alienware laptop cost well over $200, the screen alone would cost over $200.

Q. Do Alienware PCs overheat?

PCs run hot when overused. However, if you’re not doing anything special, for example just drawing a picture in Paint, and it gets hot, your fans may not be working properly. The same is the case with Alienware and other gaming systems.

Q. Is the Alienware x17 R1 worth my money?

Despite its loud fans, the Alienware x17 R1 is a powerful gaming laptop that can easily replace a desktop for any serious gamer.  Not only does the discreetly redesigned chassis look fantastic, but the gaming performance is top-notch, suited for the most demanding games in glorious, vivid 4K. The x17 R1’s major flaw is likely to be shared by many potential buyers: the exorbitant £3K+ price tag. It comes come with a year of Dell’s premium tech assistance, but this is an extremely costly laptop. An RTX 3060 laptop or an RTX 3070 laptop will be less expensive, but if you’ve got the cash, go for it.


In conclusion, The Alienware x17 is Alienware’s thinnest 17-inch laptop ever. It’s also part of the first generation of X-series laptops, and while they have a prerogative of innovation, they’re PC gaming masterpieces. Its evolved Legend industrial design makes it beautiful on the outside and the inside. Exclusive Alienware Cryotech™️ cooling technology makes performance possible in this slimness. Every gamer looking for a high-performance gaming laptop values design, a big display, and you want to be sure your thermal management looks no further than the Alienware x17.

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