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Apple Glasses Review


Apple Glasses:

Here is all that we know about Apple Glasses, a complete Apple Glasses Review. The review includes apple glasses release date, specifications, design details concept, and everything! Apple Glasses are Augmented reality glasses Apple is working on. Ultimately, they are going to revolutionize wearable computing. 

We have been hearing about the apple glasses for a very long time. Rumors about apple glasses have been going on since 2015 when patents led to the details of the software and hardware. However, since 2019 the apple glasses rumors have started streaming in.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the Apple glasses. A lot of buzz around the release dates, specifications, and price. Here is all there is to know about the Apple glasses. 
In the Apple Glasses review, we discuss the release date, specification, privacy concerns, price, and design details. 

What are Apple Glasses?

Tim Cook, the CEO of the Apple Company has stated that Apple has several new products in the pipeline that would just blow you away. Which according to the speculations, includes the Apple Glasses. These glasses, called apple glass, will be using the augmented reality concept or AR. AR works by taking digital objects and systems and merging them with the natural world that surrounds the user.

Google has tried to take a shot at AR glasses but they were not very well received. Nevertheless, the apple glasses are said to be as powerful as their Mac OS. Apple glasses will be another device to be added to its famous apple ecosystem. Apple aims to make the apple glasses a part of your daily routine.

The apple glass concept is to bring what you have on your phone on your face. The apple glass concept is to synchronize with the iPhone and bring the content to the user’s field of vision. Including texts, emails, etc. Undeniably it will set very smoothly into the apple ecosystem that Apple has already in place. These are basically to be used as “accessories” and not as a standalone devices. This blends in well with apple’s strategy to sell more products.    

In the Apple Glasses review section, we discuss the apple glasses features. 

What is the Apple Glass design?

First and foremost, they are expected to look similar to standard glasses. Additionally, the glasses are made to look like an “un-intimidating” pair of glasses. The design concept is to blend in not stand out. As a result, more and more people will be open to using them daily.  Evidently, they are said to have a “Clark Kent” look.

Apple Glasses might not be as lightweight as the standard glasses. Moreover, they will be comfortable enough for everyday use. In addition, it is also speculated that they have swappable arms.  The swappable feature is for a lot of purposes including customization.

Also, the apple glasses will have a sunglasses version. That is because the display cannot work with tinted lenses, as it would not be possible for the user to tell the lenses are displaying anything. Also, the frame – at least in a prototype – is made from plastic however it is expected that the real version will be made of some other material.

 One of the patents, also points to the apple glasses to have adjustable opacity.  This means they can help add focus to a video or be able to aid visibility on a particularly bright day.

What are the Apple Glasses specifications?

There are no known specifications of the apple glasses. Nonetheless, we can make some speculations based on what we know about the current technology.

 They are said to have a battery timing of 3 hours. Not to mention, they can also be wirelessly charged.  Along with a wireless charger holder of some sort for convenience. This will make them easier to carry on the go.

The Apple glasses will have a 52⁰ field of vision and 47pixel per inch pixel density, same as the Hololens 2 which are the AR glasses by Microsoft.  The apple glasses are expected to use Wifi to connect to the phone as they are not stand-alone devices.

Apple glasses are going to be capable of displaying the content of the phones on both of the lenses. Furthermore, the user will be able to control them through gestures both on and in front of the frames.

Apparently, it is believed that the apple glasses can also be controlled via the screen of your iPad or iPhone.

To process all the video captured by the glasses’ cameras and send back the 3D imagery to the glasses at a very high frame per second rate (a bare minimum of 60Hz, with a 120Hz refresh being optimal).  To run, the device will require much higher bandwidth than what Bluetooth can provide. 

The camera would not be conventional cameras, they are LiDAR scanners to power the AR experiences.

In the Apple Glasses review section, we discuss the release date. 

What is the Apple Glasses release date?

Apple glasses
Apple Glasses concept picture. Picture Credit:

Apple had intended to release the apple glasses as early as 2022. However, some experts believe they might be released around 2023. This might be in l because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation. Some rumors however do say that the apple glasses release will be sooner than we thought. The release is expected around 2022. 

Various insiders also say that apple glasses have already passed the prototype stage and have now entered the trial production phase. This means that we should expect to see them in the mass production stage pretty soon.  The apple glasses will be preceded by the apple VR headset, expected to come in 2022.

In the Apple Glasses review section we discuss the price. 

What is the Apple Glasses price?

Here is the part in the Apple glasses review where we discuss the price.
The apple glass price can be expected to be around 499 US dollars and around 410 UK pounds. Considering it depends on your phone, it is a hefty price to pay. The apple glass AR glasses will come in various variants and designs. The 499$ is just the base price. The price for prescription lenses will be added if you need them. 

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is priced around a whopping 3500$. Yet, it has all the components you need to run the gadget are built-in. On the other hand, the Apple glasses do not cost as much but you still rely on an iPhone for use. Moreover, the Apple glasses have fewer components.

The working of the Apple glass will be more like the Vizux Blade smart glasses but they are priced at 799$. Considering all of these factors, Apple glasses are relatively more accessible. 

In the Apple Glasses review section we discuss the privacy concerns related to the glasses. 

What are the features?

One feature of apple glass is that they are going to be used as an “optical subassembly” system. This essentially means that Apple glasses have been granted the patent for a complex yet powerful headset vision correction system.

The system enables the glasses to essentially measure refractive errors in your eyes. Next, the glasses regulate to correct your vision issues. The user will not be required to wear prescription glasses since the glasses will automatically correct for issues like astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness.

Other several features include allowing the user to change the background like in zoom using a process called chroma keying. Immersible google street view would virtually transport you to the location rather than just the street being shown on the map. What’s more, is that it is also rumored to help users to be able to see better in the dark using depth sensors.

You will be able to control the Apple glasses via hand gestures both on and in front of the glasses. The outside observers will not be able to see anything on the lenses.

Apple is also planning on a “Steve jobs” version which work would like an apple watch edition essentially selling the product at a higher price.

In the Apple Glasses review section, we discuss the details of the apple glass design. 

Privacy concerns.

Having a camera watch and record everyday use would be a privacy concern. Imagine all you do and see being recorded and sent back to apple. One way apple plans on dealing with it is by not using conventional cameras. Instead, they will use LiDAR scanners. LiDAR scanner will enable environmental awareness, without encroaching on the privacy of the user.

Apple plans on using a kill or turns off button to simply switch off the camera or using a camera module that can easily come off the glasses when needed.

Apple VR and mixed reality headset

Works on Apple VR and mixed reality headsets are also on the go. They are expected to be far less complex. Moreover, The launch might be sooner than ever.
The Apple VR set is said to have an ultra-high resolution screen along with a cinematic speaker system. This will enable a realistic visual experience.

The details specify that they will be controlled through Siri, a remote and body tracking control.

The price range is not yet specified however we cannot expect it to be cheap. The device would cost around $399. 
The Apple VR set is said to be released in mid-2022. Experts speculate that the VR set positioned to compete with Oculus Rift 2.On the contrary, the Apple VR set is relatively lightweight and light-build.

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