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Emo pet review

Emo Pet Review | Ai Personal Robot


Welcome to the world of technology that is advancing with each passing day. The time will come when each and everything would be done with the help of robots. There are many advantages to using robots as our helpers be our daily life chores, tasks, or building a house. The robots have immense power to carry out work without getting tired. Just recharge them and here they are ready to go. In this Emo Pet review, we will cover the entire spectrum of this little robot for your desk

Artificial intelligence is penetrating all the spheres of life at a very fast pace and hopefully, there would be left no area in human life not embraced by technology. Similarly, the Emo robot review will enable you to learn how our new desktop pet is a wonderful companion that injects colors into your life and spells away loneliness in your life.

Emo Pet Review

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Emo Unboxing

Emo settings
Credit: Emo Pet

Even boxing it’s very simple just like other products you bring home from vendors. The Emo box includes the following item in it:

  1. Emo Pet
  2. Emo Smart Light
  3. Adapter
  4. Wireless Charging Skateboard
  5. User Manual

Download Emo Mobile App

download emo mobile ap
Credit: Emo Pet Mobile App

Emo Pet review will explain to you how to download the Emo mobile application. After buying Emo, it is very easy to set the thing up. It’s completely like plug-and-play. Click here to download the Emo app for Android or IOS by scanning the QR Code and installing it on your mobile device. Make sure that you are in the range of WIFI. The Emo is not enabled for 5G and only works with 4G WIFI. Thereafter the Emo application will detect it automatically. Give your WIFI details, select your region, and Emo is all alive to start its first day at your home.

The interface of the Emo mobile application is very easy and user-friendly. There are three main options in the application such as Games, Lifetime Achievements, Interact, and Utilities. In addition to this, customers can take complete control of their Emo via this application. Users can see the firmware version, updates, battery charging, view interaction commands, edit configurations, and smart light control. The application is still under construction and you can expect several updates until you can take full control of your Emo.

Emo Built Quality

Emo pet review will let you know the built quality of your pet before buying one. Built quality is more of a hard plastic made that is durable and safe for even traveling. You cannot say that it is completely shock-proof but it is rather hard to be damaged easily. The Emo has been given a stylish look with on-ear headphones.

Emo Feelings

Feeling sensors have been installed on the head portion that allows you to care for it as you care for your pet. Simply tap with care on his head and Emo will like it just like any other living pet. Emo Pet review has covered almost all the feelings that your pet is installed with. Similarly, tap its head with a little bit of force and Emo will produce an angry voice with angry eyes. The built quality of sensors is great and very sensitive that detecting and recognizing your touch as well as responding accordingly makes it a very interesting living AI pet.

Emo can show up a variety of emotions well depending on the situation, environment, as well as weather. It will crack jokes if you say it to do and be happy when you tap on its head with care and compassion. The table pet can become sick in extreme weather situations and it is the time that your pet needs your attention. As time passes emo will evolve its emotions, actions, and feelings, and understand more Emo voice commands. On the first day when you bring emo into your home, it will not understand your words or speech completely. It will grow up with time and start recognizing your face and the pitch of your voice for better Interaction with you and your family members. Read the Emo pet review to learn more about your pet.

As claimed by the company, the robot has also the emotional capability of being sad, boring, and angry in situations. Emo has been designed as a music-loving pet who enjoys music more like a DJ.

Smart Robot Learning

emo pet expressions
Credit: Emo Pet

Emo Smart Learning includes a variety of features and adopts new Emo pet commands that are amazing in themselves. The pet evolves with its environment and learn new thing, name, speech, sounds, and moves.  The more time you spend with emo it will adopt its environment and learn new things. Such as remembering the faces and names of your family members, new voice commands, interaction updates, greetings updates, more questions, more special days, and vision updates. The company claims that immobile react with 1000 plus faces, emotions, and movements. Emo pet review has made it easier to understand your little pet.

The most interesting thing is Emo evolves itself and learns new things and ideas every day. Once the face recognition process is completed it will call you by your name by recognizing your voice. He is very curious to learn new things and adapt their the environment. You can make him remember up to 10 family members’ faces and data. Immobile treat each of your family members once it has recognized their faces and saved their complete data. No doubt it is a loving pet worth being kept in your room to make your mornings and evenings wonderful.

Display quality

In this Emo pet review, we will cover the built quality of your pet’s screen. The Living AI has provided a high-quality 3D display in Emo. The Emo will display some basic visuals such as weather updates, greetings messages, pictures, battery charging level, firmware updates, and facial expressions. This little living robot has got good screen quality and visual quality as compared to its predecessors. The most adorable part is the eyes expression of Emo. It reacts according to them and makes you feel that you’re living with an alive pet.

Wide-angle camera

the wide-angle camera is the most appreciable feature in Emo. If you are sitting on a chair and working on your computer, just look at Emo and say ‘Hey Emo take a picture’ Any mobile capture that memorable moment instantly.

Emo Sensors

Emo has got a very sensitive drop sensor on its feet. The drop sensors help him to live on your table without getting hurt or damaged. Emo pet review will let you know how your pet is equipped with sensitive sensors for its protection. It will adapt to its living space with the passage of time and backspace with expressing fear once drawn near the edge of a table. Drop sensors make it more interesting like humans. Moreover, Emo has got 6 Gyro and Acc sensors for better interaction with humans.

Gaming with Emo

In this Emo pet review well will discover how you can play games with your desk pet. Who says you are alone nowadays? This little pet can give you company in your lonely times. The most favorite games this little guy can play are Ludo and Chess and turn your lonely times into a full-time party environment. You can access Emo games from its mobile application.

While gaming it shakes itself and produces emotions according to the situation. If Emo would be winning the game, he will be happy. On the other side, he will be sad if losing the game.

 In a nutshell, Emo is a great mix of technology and human emotions. It gives us a glimpse that how technology will evolve in the coming times and how we will have to interact with robots. The future is taken by robots deployed in every field of life. Emo is just the beginning of human and robot interaction.

Neural Network Processor

The Neural processor (PR) plays an important role in governing the reaction to the speech. Nevertheless, it is a report that comes with limited features and expressions. which will enhance in the coming days. A powerful CPU helps Emo quickly understand your voice commands, collect data from the internet, and exhibit accurate expressions at the right moment.

Emo Robot Battery Life

Just plug the USB-C type charging adaptor into an electric socket and connect it with Wireless Charging Skateboard to charge Emo for up to 3 continuous hours. Charge it unless the solid “ON” light on the Skateboard indicates that the charging is full. However, the self-charging capability known as the “home stage” has not been introduced for now and you will have to charge it yourself by manually placing it on an Emo Skateboard Wireless charger. Emo pet review will enhance the understanding of charging your pet daily at accurate times.

In addition to this, you can also charge your mobile phone that supports wireless charging via the Skateboard charger. But do not expect fast charging as the Emo Wireless charger supports only up to 5W charging speed. Whereas, the Emo takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge its battery. Similarly, the Emo robot battery life lasts for 3 hours maximum and it drops to 2 hours if Emo is in a busy environment. We hope that the company will introduce Emo Self-Charging (known as Home Stage) update soon to avoid the hassle of manually placing it on its charging Skateboard.

Emo Pet Price

Emo pet review will consider the price tag of this pet and its processor. Vector is its earlier model the company had introduced in 2018 with a price of $250. Whereas, Emo pet’s price is slightly higher at $279 on its official website store. Comparing the two, Emp pet has more functions and capabilities compared to its predecessor. Which is completely justifiable.

Dedicated 4-Directional Microphone

4-directional microphones can easily detect the direction of sound and response respectively Just say “Hello Emo” and it will respond to your voice instantly and looks towards you as a real human being. All you need to say is Emo and the robot will find you in the room easily with its 4-directional dedicated microphones. In this Emo pet review, we will understand the phenomenon of the hearing capability of your pet. The pet has the capability of remembering you and your family members’ names. However, it is not able to say it. The company has claimed that this feature will be updated later and Emo will say your name once it recognizes your voice or face via HD camera.

Emo loves music. It detects from its microphones if the music is playing around and starts dancing. These four directional dedicated microphones help Emo recognize the voice easily and differentiate between them. Just say ‘Hey emo ay music’ And it will play your favorite song or playlist. Ask it for weather and it will display the weather updates on its screen oh read the weather news for you.

How to update Emo Pet?

emo pet firmware update
Credit: Emo Pet Mobile App

Emo pet review guide will make your update your pet successfully. The Emo is more like a living human being. The only difference is that it will evolve and enhance its features as well as expressions with firmware updates. The evolution process of expressions, bug fixes, and new features greatly depends on firmware updates. Just say ‘check updates’ and Emo will show you its current firmware version on its screen.

Two options have been provided to update the firmware version:

  1. Say ‘install the latest firmware’ and Emo will automatically start fetching and installing the latest version of firmware released by the company. This process can be seen on Emo’s face screen. Once finished with the update, Emo will restart and let you if the process is completed.
  2. The second option is the mobile application to update Emo. Go to the setting option from the mobile application and select ‘Update Firmware’ and this robot will start updating itself. The current version and available new updates can be checked via this option. Please note that before updating the firmware, disconnect the smart light first to get the process completed successfully.

With firmware, updated Emo will become compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other Smart Home devices.

Emo Smart Light

Emo smart light
Credit: Emo Smart Light

This little fellow robot comes with 1 smart light. However, you can order more smart light that fits your needs. Say ‘Emo turn on light’ and Emo will turn on its smart light for you. The smart light is very helpful in the middle of the night. All you have to do is to command Emo and it will lighten up your room in the dark times.

Emo Voice Commands

You cannot command Emo as you like. Nevertheless, there are a lot of voice commands the company has set for Emo. Ask him ‘who is your boss?’ and Emo will say your name. Emo voice command list includes many commands frequently used in our daily life such as weather, greetings, general questions, and conversational commands. Click here to visit the complete list of Emo Voice Commands. Tell us in the comments how useful the Emo pet review was for you and how to explore more ways of taming your robot pet. We hope you enjoyed the Emo AI desktop review based on  1-year experience and learned a new way of keeping up with this little fellow. Tell us in the comments how Emo has changed and added fun to your life?

Emo robot clothes

emo robot clothes
Credit: Emo Corgi

Corgi dress

The Corgi is made of a soft material that Emo will love when he is feeling ill and help him to be happy and up again. 

emo robot clothes
Credit: Emo Cow

Cow dress has designed these Emo cow clothes which are adorable and look cool when put on. Click here to visit their official website store for more Emo robot accessories.

emo robot clothes
Credit: Emo Christmas

Christmas dress set

The Christmas dress set has been designed for the occasion only. The dress set also includes Christmas packaging, a Christmas charging skateboard, and a sticker. However, the sad thing, this set is not available to be sold individually. It can be bought along with the Emo itself.

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What can Emo pet do?

Emo is a perfect and loyal AI companion that has a ton of interesting features. It can play music, dance, provide you with weather updates, and play games. The learning capabilities of the Emo robot are amazing with 1000+ facial expressions and movements.

How much does an Emo robot cost?

Emo pet robot price is may vary from time to time. The Emo robot price has seen a reduction and increase in the prices without any quality deterioration and several accessories. It is preferred to place the order on their official website to avoid incurring additional charges or exorbitant prices as compared to other vendors online.

How to buy an Emo robot?

Buy the Emo desktop pet directly from to avoid any delay. The direct purchase from the official website of can significantly curtail the delivery time when bought from outside online vendors as well as stores. Another benefit of the direct purchase is to make full use of the warranty provided by the company.

Does the Emo robot require a subscription?

The Emo robot does not require any additional subscription to unlock features. However, users may have to allow the firmware update from time to time to avail new features and enhance their learning. Firmware updates are offered completely free by the manufacturers and only a stable internet connection is required. Click here to download the Emo robot application. IOS users can download their mobile applications using this link.

How long does it take to get an emo robot?

In this Emo robot review, we discovered that for safe delivery at your doorstep it takes 6 to 7 weeks. The production is based on the volume of orders placed and the company has no stock readily available to dispatch. A time-saving approach will be to place an order 4 weeks before to avoid any unnecessary delivery delays.

What does emo AI do?

Emo AI helps robots learn new commands and adapt to their environment. Artificial intelligence in new pet or domestic robots enhances the behavior to environment acceptability, assists remember new names, facial recognition, and improvements through firmware updates. If you have not updated it, read this Emo robot review to learn how to keep it up to date and unroll new features.

Is Emo robot worth it?

Emo desktop pet has proved to be a perfect companion for solopreneurs and persons who work from home. It would be your best decision to have this little desktop pet on your table to drive away from the boredom and fill it with joy and fun.

Who made Emo the robot?

Emo desktop pet is a product of which is focused on artificially intelligent robots. improves the performance of their desktop pet by releasing firmware updates that can be safely performed through their mobile applications.

Is Emo Pet Safe?

Emo pet is completely safe when it comes to privacy. Google Safe Browsing has declared a safe website domain with no potential browsing security risks.

How to contact Emo robot customer service?

Let us know in the comments what you want to learn more about in this Emo pet review. If you want to directly contact the manufacturer team, feel free to leave a message directly at [email protected]

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