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How to download nayapay? contact nayapay?

How to Download NayaPay? Contact NayaPay?


Finally, you can download NayaPay APK with their invitation email. This micro-finance application is a perfect solution in this time of need. This will not only fulfill the financial requirements of small vendors but also help customers pay their utility bills via a secure and safe mobile application. All the customers are looking for how to download the NayaPay android application. Here is the answer to your questions.
NayaPay has started offering their beta version for which customers will have to go to their website page and sign-up for their Beta version application. Please, click here to go to the Beta Version download page of the Android application

NayaPay IOS Download

How to download NayaPay for iPhone or iOS? Start the procedure to get the NayaPay IOS Apple application downloaded into your iPhone and iOS devices. The procedure is the same for NayaPay download iOS and Android users. Visit the Apple App Store official website page to register and download the Apple iOS NayaPay application with complete access. All the customers are required to visit their Beta Version download page and queue up for their download email.
Once you have qualified for their NayaPay Beta version, they will send you an email via their official email address as shown in the picture. It means that you have qualified for their Beta Version download and now you can download NayaPay mobile application as well as use it on your mobile phone.

nayapay ios download
NayaPay Download Invitation Email

How to download NayaPay & Sign-Up? Step-by-Step Guide

Once downloaded the NayaPay mobile application on your mobile, the second phase is to sign up correctly.

  1. Click on the Login button if you have already a customer and downloaded the NayaPay application. Tap on the Register Button in case you are signing up for the very first time.
Download NayaPay

2. Provide your complete First Name, Last Name, and email address.

download NayaPay

3. Provide your mobile number

nayaPay beta version

4. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent on your mobile number

Nayapay APK

5. Choose a unique NayaPay ID and insert a strong password

NayaPay APK Download

Congratulations you are done! Enjoy the App!

How to Download NayaPay APK?

The company has provided no option to download NayaPay APK. However, the users can now only download and install NayaPay via their invitations email by signing up on their website for early access. recommends not to download any unauthorized version to avoid scams and frauds. Click here to visit their official download page.

NayaPay Download PlayStore

NayaPay Stormfiber Bills Payment

Pay StormFiber Bill via NayaPay

Can I Pay Stormfiber Bill through NayaPay? Yes, now you can pay your Stormfiber bill via NayaPay. Stromfiber is on the rise due to its stable internet speed. Earlier, there were two options to pay the Stormfiber bill via UBL Omni or straight filling up the deposit receipt in the Bank. Now Stormfiber customers can pay their bills sitting at their home through NayaPay with just a few taps. Tap on the Stormfiber payment box and it will ask for your registered number registered with your connection. And thereafter you can view your current month’s internet bill along with customer support options. Just download NayaPay and pay all your bills while sitting at home and avoiding the long queues at banks.

How to Split Bills via NayaPay?

There is a great option to split the bill among peers via this new microfinance application.

NayaPay Bill Split
NayaPay Bill Split

How to use NayaPay Chip-In?

Click on the Chip-In box shown in the picture. Request a new Chip-in by adding contacts and raising funds.

NayaPay Chip-in
NayaPay Chip-in

NayaPay Credit Card

Download NayaPay and enjoy the facility of debit cards. NayaPay debit card is available for customers to pay in around 44 countries in the world. It is assumed that the list of companies will be increased in the coming days and the customers will be allowed to pay more than the mentioned countries. There are two options available for the customers. Number one is the NayaPay Virtual debit Card. This virtual debit card allows you to pay through NayaPay mobile app whereas customers can also apply for a physical NayaPay debit card. However, the microfinance company is not offering the facility of Credit Card.

NayaPay Debit Card

NayaPay Release date, NayaPay Launch date

Looking for a NayaPay launch date? NayaPay is now is only available for their valued customers who have applied for their beta version by signing up for a download link email on their official website page. You can also click here to sign up to get early access to download. However, the company has announced that the download NayaPay public version would be available soon after a few improvements to avoid any inconvenience.

NayaPay Helpline Number

Download NayaPay and you will be able to access their customer service team via their official mobile application. NayaPay customer service number is 021-111-222-729. You can call the NayaPay contact number for inquiries related to your ID card verification, tariff updates, transaction inquiries, and to learn about their new services.

NayaPay Email Address

NayaPay customer services are available via email. Contact NayaPay customer service email address by leaving an email at [email protected]. To inquire about their new products, suggestions, and new service, please contact NayaPay at [email protected].

Contact NayaPay via social media:

NayaPay FaceBook

NayaPay Twitter

NayaPay Instagram

NayaPay LinkedIn

Note: Do not provide your personal information. NayaPay does not ask for your passwords, PIN Code, DOB, and OTPs.

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