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How to make money with web 3.0

How to make money with web 3.0?


Welcoming the Next Generation Internet! 

Today we will talk about how to make money with web 3.0? But first, let’s see what exactly is web 3.0 and how is it different from the previous ones: web 1.0 and web 2.0? We can say that web 3.0 is the future. Why? Because it will change everything that we do on the internet today.

How to make money with web 3.0?

From our personal experiences to the business and making profits. Whether you are trading in crypto making video content or working as a writer this new decentralized web is going to change and enhance your experiences. All of these things will be discussed here so even if you know nothing about it don’t worry because we’ve got you.

Before we go into web 3.0, let’s first define web 1.0 and web 2.0. What are the problems within them? Then we’ll talk about what web 3.0 is and what kinds of solutions and advances it brings.

What are web 1.0 and 2.0?

First and foremost, if I talk about web 1.0, it began in 1990, and if you were born in the 1990s you may recall that we used to utilize mp3 to download and listen to music. The internet was very slow and we were not able to see any pictures. Even if there were pictures they use to load pixel by pixel the overall experience used to be very slow. 

How to make money with web 3.0?

However, after version 1.0 in 2000 came 2.0. We gained access to YouTube’s features. These days we have access to Facebook’s services, and we can work as both a user and as a developer. Previously, only creators could work. With 1.0, you could just read the data, not write it, but in web 2.0, we, as creators, share this film, and you, as a consumer, view it.

What’s the issue with Web 2.0? So the issue is that in today’s environment, everything that we share is owned by the firms the videos that we upload, the photographs that we upload on Facebook and Instagram, all the content we create on these platforms is at their mercy. We have given them the authority to use it however they like. Another major problem is their share in the revenue we generate. Creators only get a small portion of it while around 40 t0 60% of the profit, goes to the companies. In other words, this version is centralized.

Now coming back to our main question what is web 3.0? and How to make money with web 3.0?

What is web 3.0?

If I try to explain it in one sentence it is that web 3.0 will be a decentralized version of the internet. What I mean by that is in this version you, I, or these companies will have no control, and computers will interact as humans and interpret information.

This decentralized web is based on a lot of high-end technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technologies, etc. It is characterized as permissionless, trustless, censorship-resistant, verifiable, and self-governing at its core. Instead of a single server or database, the decentralized internet will feature applications built and deployed on the blockchain or decentralized networks of peer-to-peer servers. 

How to make money with Web 3.0?

Applications designed for this internet will be decentralized applications. Though AI and machine learning may play a major role in making these applications and websites more user-friendly and assuring faster decision-making processes, the decentralization of the internet will be handled by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The best example of web 3.0 in today’s time, which we are already using, is Apple’s Siri. If you’re using an Apple phone, laptop, or desktop, this is one feature you may use. You say “Hey Siri” and the computer system responds, or you state a task and the computer system completes it. This is one of the best examples of net 3.0.

Another example already in use is Digital currency. It is decentralized, i.e. the power is coming back into our hands. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a platform where the more content you upload the more you’ll be the owner of it. It is not owned by one person like YouTube. Through NFT by investing a small amount, the creator can sell its product to the public directly.  

Differences and similarities between the three versions

Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0
Basic web pages
Social media
Semantic web
Mobile access
Java and javascript
User-generated content
Artificial intelligence
High-quality camera and videos
Permissionless Blockchains
VR and AR (Metaverse)
Global internet access
Corps monetizing your data
Users monetize their data
High-speed communication

While the world waits for a decentralized internet that is more secure, censorship-resistant and has a framework that enables users to have complete control over their data, internet users must also learn how to make money with web 3.0? The present internet brilliance lies in its potential to allow users to make a living off of it.

Next, we will discuss 7 different ways how to make money with web 3.0?

7 ways of how to make money with web 3.0?

web 3.0 currency

1. Content creation

First on how to make money with web 3.0? we will discuss content creation. The content creator can still make money on the decentralized internet. This new internet medium will stimulate information diffusion. Generating and sharing information will become frictionless and highly personalized. Content providers that can supply quality and optimize their content can earn a lot of money on the decentralized web while staying in charge of their data.

2. Development of Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)

A DAO is a collection of folks who jointly own and administer something. In a DAO, selections are made from the floor up, and there is no one leader. Individuals who work on the DAO are compensated for their contributions and involvement within the common development of the DAO. The more you invest the more power you’ll gain.

In net 3.0 DAOs will develop an increasing number of enterprises working around fixed rules enforced on blockchain. DAO uniquely makes choices: via collaborative guidelines and organization votes over a sure period. Customers can integrate their resources for software program subscriptions, charities, and contributions via user networks.

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3. Freelancing

Freelancing is the next method we’ll discuss on how to make money with web 3.0? It is a contract-based job where an individual provides its services to his clients and makes money out of it. In the decentralized internet, freelancers can make even more money by using DOA to complete their tasks without committing to one company.

4. Online Surveys

You can also make money on the decentralized net by doing different surveys, testing, or fact checkings. This will require a constant commitment but with time the whole process of polling will become even more popular. These online surveys are used for various purposes from academics to entertainment. You can choose what you would like to work with. Click here to know what is metaverse.

5. Cloud mining and cryptocurrency trading

Trading has always been an important source of revenue for internet users, and it will continue to do so in the future, even if the internet becomes more decentralized. Many people will be able to make money on the internet by trading blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, Thanks to the usage of blockchain apps and cryptocurrencies. Another approach is Cloud mining. It uses rented cloud computer capacity to mine cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. This mining machine may be built without the need to install or operate any hardware or software. Cloud miners may acquire digital assets without any prior mining skills thanks to blockchain software

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6. Defi Staking and Yield Farming:

Defi stacking and yield farming are two components that as decentralized finance advances, many internet users can make money from. Users may utilize Defi staking to lock tokens inside a smart contract and earn profits on them. This is an attractive incentive mechanism for network members to participate with a blockchain. Similarly, Yield farming may grow more popular on net3

Lastly, on how to make money with web 3.0? We have community management.

7. Community Management

For some online users, community management has become an important source of income. And, as the internet becomes more decentralized, more blockchain initiatives that require community managers will emerge. Users on the internet will have more opportunities to make money as a result of this.


Web 3.0 is all about virtual reality. The main concepts of Web 3.0 include decentralization, openness, and increased user utility. Web 3.0 alters our data structure by democratizing information and providing equal access to all users. There is complete transparency, and personal information is protected. We can make a lot of money with net3 as a crypto investor, freelancing blogger, writer, content creator community management, etc.

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