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iPhone 14 Release Date, Price, Specs, & Leaks


Rumors pile up whenever the topic is about the new iPhone 14 specs, design, and features. Here, this time the conversation that is blowing the internet is about iPhone 14 release date. Everyone is looking for the new iPhone 14 release date to order one. There is no doubt that the iPhone has kept its standards up to the customers even when we consider its hefty price. It’s the best phone out there in the market that fulfills its promises whenever a new model is released. With the start of 2022, mobile phones have seen a dramatic shift in their specifications to keep up with the advancement of time. Similarly, from trusted sources, it has been confirmed iPhone 14 specification has also got significant changes to meet the expectations of its users.

iPhone 14 release date

iPhone 14 Specifications

Feature Details
A-16 Bionic
128GB – 1TB
6.1 Inches
Operating System
Back Camera

Front Notch

iPhone 14 front camera

Here we will discuss the iPhone 14 launch date and desired changes to be seen in the new model. One of the leaks by the display specialist suggests that iPhone 14 camera notch would be reduced to a small capsule centered on the top of the screen as shown in the picture above. This small capsule notch would include the camera and light sensor.

It seems like Apple has continued its traditional notch camera design this time reducing the size considerably. However, Apple has shown no inclination towards punch-hole cameras as another Chinese brand has opted for a long time.


iPhone 14 design

iPhone 14 leak images before the iPhone 14 release date have further fanned the curiosity of its users. Apple is keen to retain its iconic mobile shape and design. Similarly, this can also be seen in iPhone 14 design with the same curved and rounded corners. The design is pretty much the same as its predecessor iPhone 13. No noticeable change on either 4 sides of the phone. The right side has got that mute bar and volume controls with a sim tray. And on the right side, there is the power button.


iPhone 14 screen display

However, Apple is more focused on enhancing iPhone 14 specifications and features instead of outward designs. Which will give its users more speed and higher screen resolution. It is estimated that the all-new iPhone 14 screen size pixels would get an upgrade to a 120Hz refresh rate. The result would be better gaming pixels and a 4K video could be easily played sans any graphical distortion and delay.

The iPhone 14 screen size is 6.1 inches covered with Super Retina XDR OLED 1B colors. In addition to this, almost all the iPhone 14 display qualities and features are the same as its predecessor. Except the scratch-resistant ceramic glass oleophobic coating has been enhanced from level 5 to level 6. It means you can see some extra protection and it also uncovers the Apple inclinations towards reliability instead of adding cosmetic features.


iPhone 14 cameras

As expected, Apple has enhanced the iPhone 14 camera as all the companies evolve and provide higher specs in their new devices. When we compare iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 pro, Apple has changed the camera spectrum entirely. The all-new iPhone 14 Pro camera would have a total of four lenses. Namely, Telephoto Lens, Wide Lens, Ultra-Wide lens, and TOF Lens.

Apple iPhone 14 would get the primary 16MP Telephoto Lens of 79mm. The secondary 16MP 28mm wide lens for wide-angle shots and the camera of 16MP Ultra-Wide 16mm.

In the old models of iPhones such as iPhone 12-Pro and 13-Pro Apple had used the TOF 3D LiDAR scanner. Thanks to the designers that customers will see the 4th physical lens on the backside of their phone for better, improved, well-measured depth photos as well as videos. This new physical TOF camera lens would get an acidic test on iPhone 14 release date to bring forth the results before our reader.

This dedicated 4th TOF Lens will help assist iPhone 14 camera to smartly measure distance, depth, volume, and objects. And the camera would be able to display measurements in virtual reality. Long story short, this camera will do the 3D physical measurement of your room and spaces. Although, we had this function in a 3D scanner which would get better results with a physical TOF camera lens in place. Pokémon lovers would get an extra benefit.

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After a long time, it is assumed that Apple is upgrading the iPhone 14 RAM up to 8 GB to fit the requirements of upcoming heavy applications and new user interfaces. That requires a lot of power to run smoothly. This not only will increase the worth of owning an Apple iPhone but also benefits the end-users for a long time. This enhancement has been seen after a long time when the 4GB iPhone 11 Pro had been upgraded to its successor 6GB iPhone 12 pro.

Since then, Apple has not upgraded RAM configuration in their phones which was evident in iPhone 13 Pro. Now with the up-gradation to 8GB powerful RAM Apple will again leap and lead the mobile phone market with its reliability. With the iPhone 14 release date, the Apple users would see a more powerful RAM to keep their tasks going sans any delay.

iPhone 14 Processor

iPhone 14 processor

iPhone 14 release date would be the day to test this new advancement as well as their performance. Apple has maintained the trend of upgrading their devices specifications-wise instead of giving them a fancy touch from outside. This time also, Apple has introduced their all-new state-of-the-art A16 Bionic processor that will run all the modern games as well as applications without any delay like its predecessors. Additionally, with the assistance of Apple GPU consists of 6-Core Graphics will help run games and 8K videos in Ultra-HD mode. Good news for gamers. However, there are rumors from confirmed sources that Apple will introduce its new processor with the name of 3×3.2 GHz Tornado + 4xX.X GHz Windstorm.


On the memory side, there is no significant increment. iPhone 14 is available like its earlier models starting from 128GB up to 1TB. It seems that Apple has now said goodbye to 64GB variants as their users’ requirements have increased. There is a very low demand for 64GB variants in the market and it could have pushed Apple towards fewer sales.  Similarly, following the fashion and past trends, Apple has maintained its standard and did not introduce Memory Card Slot in iPhone 14 for better speed as well as security reasons. No doubt, it’s a good decision. The iPhone 14 release date is coming closer and the excitement is increasing with the time for pre-orders.


As far as the iPhone 14 no sim slot news is concerned! It will send a shock wave to the users that iPhone 14 will be the last model to have a physical sim. Probably, the flying news is that iPhone 15 will have no sim slot instead eSims would take place and users will have to get one before enjoying their new iPhone 15.

Moreover, another worrying news is that iPhone 14 has no headphone jack slot. Apple Inc. is very much concerned with the protection of the environment. Their Spokesperson Jackie Anderson for the Apple Environment Protection (AEP) has announced that the company took this decision to stop providing headphones jack options to produce less waste product. Some of the components in headphones are completely non-recyclable and produce millions of tons of electric waste. Instead, iPods are made from recycled raw material and are completely decomposable. Similarly, these newly invented and advanced connectivity technology will be well tested on iPhone 14 release date and brought forth for our readers.

The major update is that iPhone 14 WIFI 6 has been introduced that will make internet surfing much faster than the WIFI 5 technology. In WIFI 6, better known as AX WIFI, 802.11ax will play the central role to fetch more bites on prioritized bases. Not only this, the speed will significantly increase from WIFI 5 6.9 GB to WIFI 9.6 GB. Resultantly, the Apple iPhone release date would set a new expectation level in the mobile industry. Similarly, Bluetooth 6 will ensure better listening, data transfer, and fast connectivity experience.


Apple is well aware of energy usage and its management. With every passing day, there are introduced heavy mobile games and applications. Therefore, to keep up with the challenges of time, Apple has upgraded the iPhone 14 batter up to 3700 mAh, 12.11 Wh. Whereas, the new iPhone charging support would be 30W fast charging and Mag-Safe 20W wireless charging would take 30 mins to charge your phone up to 50 percent. These improvements would be tested on the iPhone 14 release date to bring all the results out of the bag.

iPhone 14 Firmware and Software

iPhone 14 cameras

iPhone 14 would get IOS 16 upgradable to IOS 16.3. It is expected that the iPhone Car Crash Detection system would entirely be dependent on the all-new IOS 16. It will detect ultra-high shocks and automatically call the emergency numbers helping them to locate the victims within a few seconds. In addition to this, Apple is working day and night to integrate Virtual Reality (VR) support with IOS 16. This new operating system would be faster and supports the smooth running of games and new mobile applications. The newer and stronger firmware produced by Apple would be tested on the iPhone 14 release date.

iPhone 14 Release Date and Price

iPhone 14 concept

As far as the Apple iPhone 14 release date is concerned, it is mid of September 2022. Yes, you have heard right. As usual, Apple has set the iPhone 14 launch date between the 13th to 17th of September. It is worth remembering that iPhone 13 Pro had been launched on 14th September 2021. Apple has emphasized quality so they have increased the prices of their products to keep up with the quality standards. This time is expected that iPhone 14 price would be slightly higher at USD 1399 as compared to its predecessor iPhone 13 Pro with a price tag of USD 1299 at the time of its launch. However, if the users would get a good and reliable smartphone that will be their companion for a long time, then it’s not a bad deal.


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