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Oppo air glass review

Oppo Air Glass Review.


Oppo has launched its first AR glasses called Oppo Air Glass, albeit for the Chinese market only. These smart glasses allow you to connect your smartphone or smartwatch to the glass and everything you see will be right in front of you. In this Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the Oppo Air glass release date, Oppo Air glass pros, and cons, Oppo Air glass design display, and much more!

You cannot technically call them “glasses” since they are more of a device that simply fits on the temple of the glasses. The concept is to market it as an accessory, and not a necessary commodity to be used by professionals and enterprises only. 

Oppo made its Oppo air-glass official on Oppo INNO day2021. They are not a pair of AR glasses, which stands for augmented reality. Nor are they VR glasses which means virtual reality glasses which cut you off from the real world. Rather they are termed as “assisted reality” smart glass for everyday use for everyone.

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oppo air glass review

Oppo Air Glass vs Google Glass

There has not been much news about google glass after Google launched its Enterprise edition 2 back in early 2020. Yet, Oppo Air glass is all set to give them good competition, even if they are being manufactured explicitly for China. Just like google glass, the aim is to deliver simple information for everyday use like weather, navigation, etc. The Oppo air-glass is more of a modernized version of the Google glass. The google glass uses a Dual-core Cortex A9( 2 x 1GHz) while Oppo air-glass uses a Quad-core Cortex A53( 4 x 1.7 GHz). The Chip in Oppo Air glass is the Qualcomm snapdragon Wear 4100 and google glass uses a Texas instruments OMAP 4430 chipset.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the design, color, and some discussion on its visuals.

Oppo Air Glass Design

oppo air glass review

The first and foremost design feature is that it is not like other glass, it is a monocle. This essentially means that they are made to be worn on only one side of the face. The user decides which side.

The Oppo Air glass comes with a touch-responsive, classic design. It is lightweight, almost 30 grams. For ease of use, this feature was a top priority, according to the engineers.

The design is simple and futuristic. What is more, is that there is a 2 layer scratch resistance display. Two pieces of Sapphire crystal glass. This provides strength as well as transparency.  They enclose a Spark Micro Projector, via a CNC enclosure.

It comes in 2 colors black and silver. Along with the colors, it comes in two parts. The first part is a detachable monocle waveguide device. This will be in black or white. The second part is a full-frame which will either be silver or black.

 Even though it will be in different sizes, the black variant will come in a full-frame design.

These glasses can not only be worn by themselves. But also they come with a set of spectacles. The user can attach them to the right side of the frame with the help of magnets.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the main features that Oppo has come up with to set its Oppo Air Glass apart.


Oppo Air Glass Features:

First of all, not only do these Oppo Air Glass enable Touch and voice control, but also can be controlled via Head gestures.

This means that you can simply nod to open notifications. You can touch the glass to simply change the app. Also, to dismiss a notification, you simply have to shake your head.

In addition, they can also be controlled via hand gestures. The ability to control the Oppo air-glass via hand gestures will allow more intuitive control. The hand gesture tracking is being tested via the Oppo watch. 

Secondly, you can easily access navigation that means you do not have to take your phone out every time you are walking and need to look at the maps. You can use this while walking, driving, running, or anything.

Finally, Oppo Air glass has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. They have a built-in speaker and dual microphones. It comes with a touch bar at the side. Presently, it can only pair with OPPO smartphones prominently, specifically, those that have ColorOS 11 or later and Oppo watch 2. Also, OnePlus smartphones are sold in China.

Overall the Oppo Air glass provides a smooth and seamless experience, Real-time notification. Other apps and features include the weather application, health and calendar apps specifically developed by OPPO.

Custom apps.

Oppo Air Glass Review

Oppo has been working with Baidu to come up with applications like Baidu walk and Bike navigation. The navigation app for example will allow the user to navigate through the maps without the need of taking the phone out manually. Or guidance even simply for walking or running.

Explore Nearby is also an application that Oppo is working on which essentially as the name suggests, the app will display information about the stores, locations, restaurants, and places nearby using the location of the user.

Other apps include calendar, fitness, health apps, etc.

This ecosystem that Oppo aims to build is essentially for China by China.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the main feature, the telepromptor, and translator.

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Teleprompter and Translator.

Moreover, it comes with a Teleprompter mode and translation mode. This feature allows you to translate from Chinese to English and vice versa. Or any other language for that matter. You will also be able to use speak to type feature. Essentially, this means that the user can have conversations in foreign languages as the translation will be shown live on the glass. However, both the people involved in the conversation will need to wear the Oppo Air glass.

The teleprompter function, much like other Teleprompters used in broadcasting, will allow text the speech to be in the vision of the user. A much-needed device for public presentations. The translator will simply transcribe the text onto your screen.

The teleprompter app allows you to upload your speech, customize the text size as well as the scrolling speed through the smartphone app. If needed, you can also tap the touch bar manually.

To have such a compact device with such an astonishing number of features is a realization of how advanced modern technology has become.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the performance, working, and specifications of the Oppo Air glass.


Oppo Air Glass Review

Oppo Air Glass Specifications:

So, the most prominent and impressive feature of the Oppo air-glass is the Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 4100 processor. This processor is used for wearables and smartwatches. Hence, we can expect good and smooth performance from the Oppo Air glass.

In addition, Oppo air-glass features Spark Micro Projector with micro LEDs, which have been essentially developed by Oppo. This spark micro projector is the size of a coffee bean. It measures around 0.5cc. this projector has been specifically developed by Oppo to project information in front of the eyes, in the users’ field of vision.

This Micro projector can generate up to 3 million nits of brightness. So that it can provide contextual information, in any lighting situation, directly into the eyes of the user.

The display resolution s 640×480 pixel resolution. This image will be projected on a waveguide display.

 These glasses come with a 5 lens mini-projector. What they do is they throw the information, with the help of an optical waveguide, onto the sapphire crystal. The lens is 0.7mm thick and the shape is inspired by the “wings of circada”

Furthermore, the Peak brightness of the Oppo Air glass is 1400 nits. These glass display information on a 256 level grayscale display as well as a 16 level grayscale display.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the battery time and usage.

Oppo Air Glass Review: Battery time and charging

According to Oppo, they should last for about 40 hours on standby and can withstand 3 hours after active usage. No interruption. They come with a magnetic charging stand. The charger uses a USB type C port. To charge, simply place it on the charging dock.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the possible release date and availability of the product.

Oppo Air Glass Review

Oppo Air Glass release date:

Oppo Air glass was first revealed on the OPPO INNO DAY, 2021. They say that the Oppo air-glass will be available for sale in the 1st quarter of 2022. However, the main target market for sale in the Chinese market.

Currently, there is no news about the Oppo Air glass being available for the international market. 

This product is not going to be a mainstream product. It will probably be a limited edition, limited release product for mainland China.

Here in the next part of the Oppo Air glass review, we discuss the price range of our product.

Oppo Air Glass Review

Oppo Air Glass Price:

Even if the Oppo Air glass is going to be a “limited release” the prices are expected to be reasonable. As these are being marketed as an accessory to be used by the masses rather than only professionals. According to speculations, the price is expected to be around 199 USD. In order to learn the real-time price, click here to visit the Oppo official website page.

The next section of the Oppo Air glass review discusses the pros and cons of the product.

Oppo Air Glass Pros and Cons

  • Peak brightness is astonishing.
  • Very bright and clear.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Multiple features in a compact device.
  • Battery life needs to improve.
  • Not flattering to wear, wearing them makes you stand out too much
  • Only supports English to Chinese.
  • Cannot be worn with a prescription lens.


These glasses are a potentially nice way of allowing an average person to Segway into the heavy-duty metaverse. The teleprompter and translation feature will allow the user to break the language barrier and have a conversation in foreign languages. The idea to instead of augmenting reality, simply assisting reality with day-to-day things like simple navigation via maps or to be able to see and respond to text messages with simple gestures like nodding and shaking the head, will surely make these glasses a day to day necessary accessory. Oppo has built apps by China for China and ultimately Oppo plans on creating an Oppo ecosystem.


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