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Ruko Robot review

Ruko Robot Review | Manual & Complete Review

Ruko smart robots have become the sensation of kids who want to learn with artificial intelligence. This hands-on Ruko robot review will make you learn why it is important to buy your children the toys of the age.

It is exciting for a kid to have their first toy robot. Ruko robot review will share with you the past 1-year experience with smart robots for kids. The old toys like cars and video games are increasingly getting replaced by smart robots and toys.

Interactive artificial intelligence can significantly improve as well as speed up the learning capabilities of your children. Help them develop cognitive skills and to employ them in their practical life. the programmable robot can help parents achieve the maximum learning potential for their kids. Let’s dig into it.

Ruko Robot review

1. Ruko Robot unboxing

Ruko Robot review
Credit: Ruko 6088

Unboxing is a special event that can turn into a happy or sad one. Happy event if you know before that what will you get in the box you have just received a few moments ago. The packaging resembles other normal toys out there on the market. Here is what you can expect to receive Ruko smart robot.

  1. Ruko smart robot instructions manual
  2. Ruko robot 6088
  3. Remote control
  4. USB charging cable

2. Ruko smart robot app

The basic version Ruko 6088 programmable robot can only be controlled through its remote control provided by the company. However, Ruko smart robot app is available for higher versions such as Ruko smart robot large – 1088 and Ruko programmable smart robot – NX01.

Ruko robot review will help you land on the official mobile application. If you have got the versions mentioned above then do click on Android or IOS to download their respective mobile application.

3. Ruko robot manual

Ruko Robot review
Credit: Ruko 6088

Ruko robot manual has complete instructions. These instructions are easy to understand and help users completely understand the smart robot. Click here to download the Ruko smart robot manual to operate it safely from their official website.

4. Ruko robot voice commands

Ruko robot 6088 does not support voice command operability. Nevertheless, it can be controlled through remote control and hand gestures which we have discussed below in this Ruko robot review.

5. Actions and movements

Ruko Robot review
Credit: Ruko smart robot

Ruko robot toy is a good example of today’s artificial intelligent robots that can evolve and cope the human life activities. Similarly, this robot toy can perform much more than our expectations. Two powerful motors help this AI robot dance in by moving its hands and feet up, down, left, right, walk, and slide.

However, it cannot hold things in his hands but it can amaze you with the movements that appear perfect in motion with the song and very well coordinated. The Ruko programmable smart robot can walk in all 4 directions. The 4 wheels help it move back and forth as well as take turns easily. Make sure that you have put it on a surface that is plain and not like carpet.

Another minute but the good feature is its two-step speed. Yes, you have two optional speed modes to select from the fast and the slow. The best thing about Ruko programmable smart robot is its self-programming. Just press the programmed button on the control remote and select the following 50 actions that you want the AI smart robot to execute. Those 50 actions will be recorded in its memory and played respectively.

6. Ruko Robot Sensors

Ruko Robot review

Sensors have played an important role in paving way for artificially intelligent robots. Likewise, Ruko robot 6088 has in-built gesture sensing that helps him understand the movements of hands. This toy robot for kids can move forward, backward, turn left, and right by using a gesture sensor placed on the front side.

The hand gesture commands have been portrayed well in the Ruko smart robot instructions manual. Do you have lost the Ruko smart robot instructions manual? Download Ruko smart robot manual or follow the patterns as shown in the image to take the control of your robot friend.

7. Ruko robot hand gestures

Ruko Robot review

Technology has advanced to an extent that has not been seen in the past. Now all smart robot toys do have sensors in them for better functioning and engagement. A complete functioning of sensors has been tested in this Ruko robot review to find out what this toy robot can do.

Move your hand forward in front of the sensor and the toy robot will move forward. Gesture it with your hand to like pushing backward in front of the sensor for backward movement. For making this toy robot with ai to take turns, move your hand left or right in front of the sensor. For a clear understanding, follow the illustrations above in the Ruko robot review.

8. Music

Music has remained a fundamental instrument in the toys made for kids. The Ruko programmable smart robot can play 3 songs. These songs are built-in and cannot be changed. It could have been better if there was an option to update the songs list through the USB or external memory card. However, it’s not that bad and for a 3 years kid, it is quite entertaining and keeps the baby busy while you do the chores.

9. Smart remote-control robot

Ruko Robot review
Credit: Ruko robot toy

The basic version of Ruko robot 6088 can only be controlled with its remote control. To control your Ruko 6088 programmable robot with a remote is easy and simple. In total 20 buttons work separately and perform different functions. Check out the picture given above in the Ruko robot review to master the remote functions completely.

The “Program” button is the most attractive button on the remote. Press the “Program” once and press the actions buttons afterward. Consequently, the interactive smart robot will execute the selected actions respectively. The rest of the features available on the remote are very self-explanatory and easy to operate even for a 3-year-old kid.

An infrared remote controller has been used to control the robot. The remote controller has a good distance range of 5 meters which is enough for an indoor area. Expect range reduction if the infrared rays get obstructed by any object between the Ruko smart robot unit and its remote controller.

A tip for better remote-control functioning and distance coverage is to keep it away from bright light. Therefore, smart personal robot functions better indoors rather than outdoor. For enhanced distance coverage keep the remote facing directly the robot front.

Ruko Robot review

Note: Use only 2 AAA 1.5V batteries for remote control. It is recommended not to use rechargeable batteries to avoid any damage.

Ruko Robot review

10. Built quality

The Ruko is a company dedicated to making robotic toys such as drones, cars, and robots. Their products are built of strong ABS plastic material that is not easy to break. The first look confirms that Ruko 6088 programmable robot has got a hard ABS plastic material body that can endure the wear and tear of kids playing with it.

Everything has a limit. Likewise, it is advised not to throw it or place it in a heightened place. It works best on a flat ground level surface that will add a few more extra years to the life of this toy robot age 3-8.

11. Face LED screen

Ruko smart robot has got a led face LED screen with 18 lights for exhibiting different face expressions and emoji lights. Face expressions of the personal home robot change with the instructions and programmable actions.

The face LED screen can easily bear the damage if dropped from a height of 1-3 feet. However, it is not recommended to try this with your newly bought toy robot at home. It was tested for Ruko robot review with a testing unit. Any damage caused will not be the responsibility of

12. Charging time & battery backup

Ruko Robot review
Credit: Ruko smart robot

We found in this Ruko robot review that it takes 3-4 complete hours for the first charge to give it a good as well as a long-lasting start to your newly bought toy robot. Afterward, it is normal to give it 2-3 hours of charge, even less, for optimal performance.

Once fully charged for 3 hours, the kids can enjoy a playtime of 2 hours. Except for battery deterioration after 1 year of use. Ruko smart robot toy will sleep if it is not in use for complete 150 seconds. The sleep time is fixed and can not be changed. To wake up the personal robot, press the first button on the chest above the sensors.

The Ruko smart robot review found that the internal battery is unreplaceable. Avoid opening the robot for battery replacement which can not only damage the toy robot but also void the warranty.

13. Ruko smart robot price

The price was higher at $49.99 when the Ruko smart robot was newly introduced. Compare the price by visiting their official website store.  To get discounted price buy now from the Ruko robot review affiliate link for the best price available on the internet as low as $38.99.

View Price:

14. FAQs

Ruko robot review has covered almost all the frequently asked questions related to your new toy robot.

What does Ruko smart robot do?

Ruko 6088 programmable robot is capable of dancing to music, moving forward, backward, left, and right. 50 actions can be programmed by just pressing the program and actions button afterward.

How tall is Ruko the robot?

Ruko robot 6088 is 10.6 inches tall and 4.4 inches wide in length. The measurements taken are based on a Ruko robot review that is similar to the size mentioned on the official website store.

How to program the Ruko robot?

Press the “Program” button in the center of the Ruko robot 6088 remote controllers and then press the action buttons such as “Slide Forward”, “Walk Forward”, “Turn right”, and “Turn Left”. The Ruko RC smart robot is capable to execute 50 pre-programmed actions in one go.

How to turn off the robot voice on Ruko?

Press the “Stop” button on the center of the personal robot toy remote controller to stop the robot’s voice, music, and actions.

How much does the robot cost?

Ruko robot is worth $49.99 on the official website store. Buy now from the Ruko robot review affiliate link to get the best price available on the internet.

How to contact Ruko smart robot customer service?

Contact Ruko aftersales team on Facebook messenger for live chat. Their team is available for support on working days from 20:00 to 5:00. Click here to write a detailed message to their customer service team. Ruko customer service is dedicated to taking all queries and providing solutions on working days only.

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