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samsung galaxy z flip3 review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G | Review

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Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G is a flip phone that blends the best of both worlds, combining Samsung’s folding-screen technology with all the features you would expect from a cutting-edge smartphone. It has been made cheaper this year and now comes water resistance to ensure it can handle anything life throws at it!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G offers users a classic design combined with modern days innovations such as its foldable screen for extra features like increased durability or portability depending on your needs.

The perfect version of this phone would probably have slightly better cameras, but then it would cost a few hundred more. Or maybe it would have longer battery life, in that case, though,  Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G wouldn’t be half as compact. Samsung made the right compromises, and the result is not only a foldable that stands toe-to-toe with its slab competitors but a comfortably most exciting phone this year. To learn more about this great foldable, we have brought to you an informational Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review.

Galaxy z flip 3 specs

Feature Details
6.97 x 5.63 x 1.14 inches
9.6 ounces
Wireless Carrier
Form Factor
Foldable Screen
Memory Storage Capacity
128 GB
Cellular Technology
Operating System
Included Components
Travel Adapter, Data Cable, STD Battery, Handset + Cling
Main: 6.7" Infinity Flex display | Cover: 1.9" Dynamic AMOLED
Main Camera
12MP Wide, 12MP UW, 10x digital zoom, 10MP Front
128GB | 256GB / 8GB RAM
3,300mAh / 15W Fast Charge


Samsung Galaxy z Flip3

The first thing we noticed about this device in our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review, apart from its large size, is that Samsung has changed things up. There are two interchangeable backs available. You can either select a flexible silicone rubber type or a hard plastic option in black onyx, mystic white, or ocean blue color choices. Galaxy z flip 3 has been designed with user ergonomics in mind and offers a more comfortable grip in either single or dual-screen modes. IPX8 water resistance is also a plus, meaning that you don’t have to worry about accidental spills or rain. However, the biggest downside is that the phone’s delicate hinge is still vulnerable to damage.

The Samsung Galaxy flip 3 has a new design that is less flashy and showy. The phone comes in four colors, cream, black, purple, or dark green. For people who want something a little more unique, the Galaxy z flip 3 has three different finishes to choose from. For those with a taste for the unusual, Samsung offers a Bespoke Edition version of the phone. Though it costs extra and can only be purchased through Samsung’s website. Front and rear panels may be colored in five ways: yellow, black, white, blue, or pink. You can also select between a silver or black frame. After purchasing the Samsung Galaxy flip 3, Samsung will allow you to change the panel colors for an extra fee.

The colors are lovely, but the enormous improvement is the new black bar covering almost half of the phone’s front. This includes not just the two outer cameras and the larger cover display. When the Samsung flip phone is not in use, this screen blends in with the rest of the design. The Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G isn’t only more attractive than its predecessors, but it’s also more durable. The IPX8 rating stands out, which means there is the same level of water resistance as on most flagship phones but no dust-protection rating. According to our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review, you’ll want to be cautious at the beach nonetheless.


The new ‘Armour Aluminium’ frame we found in Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review is 10% stronger than the previous version. The body and Gorilla Glass Victus, the most durable, are coated with Gorilla Glass DX. I’m going to have to confess that I dropped the Samsung Galaxy flip 3 in my first week of usage. As I retrieved the phone from my pocket, it tumbled a meter down a cobblestone sidewalk.

Aside from a few scratches and a small dent, the Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G continues to function OK, even though the pattern is precisely on the hinge. There are a few minor changes to the Samsung flip phone (other than its size), but I don’t think they’ve made it any less durable. Its glass back isn’t as scratch-resistant as previous models, even though it’s still quite formidable. It can endure a fall and feel like a fragile phone.

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Samsung Galaxy z Flip3

With two screens to consider, we started our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review with the main one. The 6-inch folding screen is a Full HD+ AMOLED panel, same as before, with an improved refresh rate now at 120Hz! This means that you’ll get smoother animations and less motion blur when watching videos or playing games on your Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G.


You might be surprised by how solid the Galaxy z flip 3’s display feels, and you’ll hardly notice its crease at all. If we scroll over that central line while scrolling on our phone with one hand, then chances are good this will show up as an annoying irritation!


The Samsung Galaxy flip 3 packs a few unique features into its smartwatch form factor. You can use widgets to control your music, get weather alerts or alarms on separate screens when you need them most. Like at night while sleeping, swipe up from below for notifications that appear right in front of you without needing additional lighting sources. The screen is lit just by using an LED backlight. Set brightness and volume levels and customize the default clock with fun animated options like showing time zones or date/month displays!


There’s enough here to make the cover screen useful without making it so big as to get in your way. In our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review, we felt the lack of some customizability on widgets and maybe quick message reply options when open, but otherwise, this feels like a smartly designed part of the phone!


With the Samsung flip phone series, Samsung used a slightly older chipset. While this allowed them to cut costs in their first-generation smartphones by using less powerful processing power and memory modules, something else they haven’t done again with newer models. It also meant some technical limitations needed addressing when designing these latest devices powered by Snapdragon 888 processors like folding phones or ruggedized (for example).

However, the Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G comes equipped not only capable enough but elegant too, thanks largely due.

The powerful processor and 8GB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy z flip 3 will give you a fast experience across all apps. It even has enough power for competing with high-end gaming phones! The Samsung Galaxy flip 3 is packing some severe storage, with both options available at 128GB or 256GB. You won’t be able to expand the phone if you ever fill up this internal memory, and there’s no microSD slot either! But don’t worry, thanks in part to its Snapdragon 888 processor (and 5G support), we’re expecting wireless data caps will go away soon anyway.

We found this device equipped with two SIM card slots while doing Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review. Unfortunately, they can only handle physical cards rather than eSIMs like most other flagships these days do. The Samsung Galaxy flip 3 offers many features that will please anyone. With all the Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and NFC capabilities, there’s also a face lock driven by just one camera. As well as fingerprint unlocking through an under-display scanner.

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Battery and charging

Like its predecessor, we noticed in our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review that the Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G only lasts a full day. The phone also comes with two power options: wired and wireless charging. However, charging is a little slow, with the Galaxy z flip 3 taking around three hours to go from 0% to 100%. Finally, Samsung doesn’t include a charger in the box, which is particularly annoying. You’ll have to purchase one separately to use the 10W wireless charging.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 packs a 3300mAh battery. With light to typical usage, it will last the whole day. Still, heavier users will struggle with their phone’s battery life without sacrificing features like 120Hz and an always-on display, which can help extend your battery power (even if you are traveling).

The Samsung Galaxy flip 3 is a phone with the opportunity for great battery life, but it does come at the expense of a slim and lightweight design. Some people will appreciate this trade-off in favor of using more power throughout an entire day.


Samsung Galaxy z Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy flip 3 is a well-designed phone with competitive camera specs. The design of this model makes the smartphone versatile to use in addition to its large battery life for prolonged use or charging, but make sure you are aware of the subpar camera capabilities before deciding this product is one that meets your needs.

The dual rear cameras offer 12MP quality stills and portrait shots, ensuring they can “keep up” with other flagships with fewer pixels. While doing Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review, we didn’t find any telephoto lens, which may hurt enthusiast photographers who don’t find enough power in its ultrawide-angle option to take detailed closeups. Its 10MP selfie camera offers excellent clarity even when viewing your photos amid natural lighting.

Foldables like the Galaxy z flip 3 have a good camera for most people. The colors are bright, and it could be just enough to take a picture, depending on where you’re going. Optical image stabilization helps in low-light settings but won’t provide as crisp detail or as many features to help with high-lit areas. The wide-angle and selfie lenses are not as great because of their small apertures and lack of optical image stabilization.

However, there are some camera advantages that foldable have to offer. The angle and shape of the camera can be customized to fit your needs, making it perfect for taking pictures or video calls.


The Galaxy Z Flip 3 launched Android 11, with Samsung’s OneUI 3.1 on top. Samsung has committed to providing three years of Android version updates to the phone, covering the upcoming Android 12 and versions 13 and 14, along with the fourth year of security patches. That’s one of the best Android updates promises you’ll find, only really outpaced by Google itself. Notably, Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G does not have an inbuilt fingerprint scanner or NFC function\rIt offers support for reverse wireless charging (either to share power with other compatible devices or to recharge another in itself).

OneUI is one of the better Android variants around these days. It’s burdened by a bit too much unnecessary clutter, and at times can feel more rigid and inflexible than rivals. Still, it’s also quick, attractive, and easy to use, arguably more important factors.

Samsung has also done an excellent job of incorporating support for its foldable’s unique features.

Our recommendation

Samsung Galaxy z flip3 5G covers what the first Z Flip did at a better price. We noticed some drawbacks in our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review, battery and camera primarily, though durability is in there too. But for most people, these aren’t a deal-breaker. And Samsung has nailed the aesthetic and functionality of this Samsung Galaxy z flip 3, enough so that it feels like an unequivocal upgrade on a regular phone and no longer has the prototype sheen of the first-gen. If you don’t get the appeal of a foldable flip phone, this may not win you over. But if you’re tempted, then there’s no need to wait any longer. This is the real deal. Hope our Samsung Galaxy z flip3 review has been a help to you.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Pros and Cons

  • Impressive design
  • Attractive display
  • Waterproof body
  • Foldable large screen
  • Personalized color
  • No Dust filters
  • A Day battery life

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