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Samsung Youtube TV app

Samsung Youtube Tv App | 4-Step Installation

Samsung YouTube TV app installation Guide

Download and install the Samsung Youtube TV app on your newly bought TV for home by following these easy 4 steps:

  1. Press the Home Button on the Remote.
  2. Select the Google Play.
  3. Search Youtube in the right top corner.
  4. Select Install

Go back to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on the remote to see if the Samsung Youtube TV app has been installed successfully.

Samsung Youtube TV app

Press the “SMART HUB” button on the remote to install the Samsung YouTube app.

1. Select the Google Play Store:

Samsung Youtube TV app
  1. Select the Google Play Store on the Home screen of your TV to get your new Samsung TV with the youtube tv app.

2. Select Search:

Samsung Youtube TV app

2. Select Search from the right top corner and type “YouTube” in the search bar for Samsung YouTube TV app download.

3. Select Install:

Samsung Youtube TV app

3. Select “Install” YouTube TV app on Samsung. Make sure that your Samsung TV has enough memory for installation.

4. Add an Account:

Samsung Youtube TV app

4. Select the account you want to run the Samsung Youtube TV app. Or select ” Add Account ” if you are installing it for the first time on your smart TV.

How to get YouTube TV app on Samsung TV?

Add a google account to run the Google Play store on your Samsung smart TV. Search for “YouTube” on Play store and press “Install”

How many YouTube TV users at once?

You can use one email address for as many smart TV YouTube logins as you want. Neither YouTube nor a TV manufacturer stops you from using one YouTube account on multiple television sets.

How to download Samsung YouTube app?

Search for “YouTube” in your Samsung smart TV Google Play Store. Click here to download the Samsung Youtube TV app directly from the Play Store. Save it on a USB pen drive and install it on your TV by going to file manager.

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