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Tesla Phone Pi

Tesla Phone Pi review


Doesn’t the launch of the Tesla Pi Phone make you excited? Yes, we will soon witness the launch of Elon Musk’s Tesla Pi phone in the world of technology and gadgets. Musk is launching his new smartphone under the well-recognized Tesla brand, hence expected to be called “Tesla Pi Phone or Model P.”

Tesla is an automotive tech company that launches high-end cars. They also deal in home appliances and solar panels no. in 2004, Musk joined the Tesla Company and held the position of its CEO in 2007. Being a life-long and visionary entrepreneur, he always was keen on innovation and sustainable technology. So it can be said that Tesla vehicles are not simply cars but are like high technology computers that run on electricity instead of conventional vehicles, which run on gas. Tesla cars are specifically designed to have fewer parts and can be maintained wirelessly, making maintenance very convenient. 

 After such accomplishments, Tesla recently announced the launch of Tesla smartphones, reportedly called “Tesla Pi Phone,” which will be released in 2022. This Model P has exceptional functionality and is a masterpiece in technology and advancement. The best part of Tesla is its easy accessibility and availability worldwide. Reportedly it will have high regulation meaning it will efficiently be run in mountains, forests, and even if you move to Mars because Tesla Phone Pi will receive a network from the satellite. 

What exactly is the Tesla Phone Pi?

Tesla Phone is a new, branded, and future-looking smartphone that will be launched under the banner of Tesla and world-famous Elon Musk. This launch has made rounds all over social media and the internet, and several stories seem to be much realistic to be true. Some of the reliable facts about the Tesla Phone are that it would work on Mars and support Mine Bitcoin and Neuralink. There is no harm in calling the Tesla Model the 1st ever satellite phone. 

Tesla Phone Pi Specifications

When you hear the name Tesla, cutting-edge functionality and technology instantly come to your mind. The same is the case with the Tesla Phone, which will be a masterpiece in the sense of technology and innovation. Like Tesla Motors, Tesla smartphones would be a power pack full of a fascinating technology. After the Tesla Phone Pi review, some excellent characteristics are given below. For the complete specification, please click here to visit Tesla’s official website for complete specifications. 

Feature Details
Weight ‎
132.00 g
5.8 inches
5000 mAh
RAM memory
12 GB
Video Recording
4K Full HD
SpaceX Starlink Direct
Crypto Mining
Solar Charging

Tesla Phone Pi Connectivity

This Tesla Phone Pi feature will be one of Tesla Phones’ best attractive and selling points. Tesla phone Pi SpaceX Starlink Internet connection will be compatible with Tesla smartphones. High-speed internet connection will be provided through satellite even in those areas which are not fully developed, such as rural areas. After the Tesla Phone Pi review, downloading speed of 210 megabits/second would be enjoyed. Tesla will be the first-ever company to allow 5G service for mobile gadgets. This Phone will have unmatchable speed in the gadget industry, and thanks to Starlink’s internet connection, we would be able to communicate between Earth and Mars. This communication range would be an ideal complement for Tesla gadgets. 

Tesla Phone Pi Neuralink

Another fantastic feature of the Tesla Phone is creating a link between your Phone and brain. Thanks to this new feature, Tesla Phone would be a colossal and global hit. This feature comes under Musk’s other firm specializing in reading information from the brain and restoring some of the brain’s function with the help of chips. This feature is going to be a pivotal event in the gadget industry. It will be a life savior as well when you get in an accident and are unable to speak. Thus, this Tesla Phone 

is worth the wait and is pretty futuristic as its Neuralink is one of its most significant achievements, which is yet to be figured out by other phone companies such as Apple or Samsung. 

Tesla Phone Pi Compatability

This feature is not as new as we have seen in Apple’s iPhone, which can be synced with all its devices like iPad, watch, and MacBook. In the same way. Tesla Phone will be able to control Tesla’s electric cars with a smartphone so that Tesla Phone would be able to unlock and lock your Tesla electric car. 

Tesla Phone Pi Crypto Mining

It is thought that smartphones must have mining resources available. Such as users must be able to mine cryptocurrency with their smartphones, enabling them to virtual mine money on their cellphones. All this information seems to be rumors, but we can’t deny that cryptocurrency is our future. Being a futuristic technology, the Tesla phone would include all these features. On the other hand, the corporation has made no official statement, but we will keep you up to date regarding Tesla Phone. 

Tesla Phone Pi Camera

This Tesla Phone Pi review showed that this Phone has four cameras with artificial intelligence to have a pitch-black environment. It will also have a high-tech front camera, integrated into the screen just like other smartphones. Tesla Phone Pi camera will be the best picture taker, which can be posted on your social media without a second thought. All pictures taken by Tesla Model Pi are going to stand out definitely. 

Tesla Phone Pi Storage

Tesla Phone Pi has 2TB internal storage, enabling you to store all the videos and movies you can watch later without an active internet connection. Well, there is no need to download videos when you have Wi-Fi 24h/7days of a week. But still, you download videos to avoid adding pop-ups. You also need storage for storing “High Display Photos” that you will capture from Tesla Model Pi’s high-quality lenses. 

The Phone's exterior and cover

Tesla’s cell phones would have a metallic touch thanks to their exterior, made of metallic material. Such a metallic exterior will solve the issue of phone safety. Musk would also give Tesla Phone Pi review provided a photochromic coating which would enable the Model Pi to change colors depending upon the surrounding. 

Tesla Phone Pi Security

Security comes first while buying a smartphone that can never be compromised. In this era of the Internet of Things, nothing is more sensitive than a smartphone’s security. If you compromise your Phone’s security, you will lose money, personal information, and login data. Companies would also lose confidential information regarding their product. It would be disturbing if a hacker logs in to your social media accounts and posts irrelevant material with no credibility. Thus, Tesla Model Pi has high-tech security to ensure your safety and privacy from hackers while browsing online. Model Pi has built-in encryption and inbuilt Wi-Fi, which will ultimately reduce the chances of your IP address being tracked when using a shared Wi-Fi connection. 

The fast and secure Wi-Fi

Starlink, another Tesla Company, will be sourced fast and secure Wi-Fi. Musk’s main focus while launching Tesla Model Pi is to get support from all Tesla-related companies to avoid security issues. End-to-end encryption would block anyone spying on you using other cell phones. Tesla Phone Pi review showed high-tech security that allows only senders and receivers to access messages, and in this way, even Tesla wouldn’t be able to read your messages. Thus, with Tesla Model Pi, you need not worry about your privacy. 

Tesla Phone Pi Solar Power

Being a cutting-edge technology, Tesla Model Pi is unique. You have to go outside in bright sunlight and get your Phone charged with the help of the sun. This is a good initiative towards green technology, and in this way, you don’t have to go for charging connections to charge your Tesla Model Pi.  

Tesla Phone Pi Price Tag

Although the makers have not made any specific statement regarding its price, we can say that it will be pretty expensive depending upon the features it is providing its customers. People already expect Tesla Model Pi to be revolutionary compared to a conventional smartphone that runs several apps at once over LTE and has multiple window support. Thus, they already expect Tesla Model Pi to be too pricey. 

      We have already witnessed that price doesn’t matter with innovation, evident from Tesla’s cars. So just like Apple’s iPhones which have somehow the same features in each model but are less expensive than the Tesla Model Pi cell phone, it will make you think twice before making a purchase, as Tesla’s smartphones, in one way are going to be cheap. But we can say that somehow, its Tesla model cost will be labelled as “reasonable” thanks to all the innovation and futuristic technology packed inside it. 

Tesla Model Pi Release Date

Like other features, Tesla has made no statement regarding the release of the Tesla Model smartphone. No official date has been announced yet, and there is no remote confirmation from any EV giant. There were speculations that Musk would announce his Tesla Model launch date by the end of this year, but there is no update available in this respect. So it is expected that this model will be launched in 2022.


In this Tesla Phone Pi review, you will get to know that this Phone is a game-changer as Elon Musk and his workers have taken a futuristic approach in developing this smartphone. His vision and determination to establish a more innovative and well-equipped civilization have enabled him to achieve this milestone. Technically it will change the world in which we are living right now or even the world that we will colonize very soon. The Tesla Model would connect people beyond Earth, which other smartphones and gadgets cannot do, from eco-friendly cars to rackets. But, unfortunately, this high-technology product is going to take some time with development and research. In order to learn about the best Bluetooth speakers in 2022, please click here.

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