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Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review.


Within, this Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we have gathered all the information you need on the newest smart glasses technology has to offer!
Xiaomi has come up with an innovative idea. They have combined the technology of the Google glass, with the Facebook x ray ban glass to create a new dazzling effect. The company is flaunting a concept of supercharged augmented reality specs.  

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In this review, we discuss the following

  • Xiaomi Smart Glasses price.
  • The Xiaomi Smart Glasses release date.
  • Xiaomi Smart Glasses specifications.
  • The Xiaomi Smart Glasses design.

It is a very difficult task to come up with a product that has it all. All of the modern features and are able to look like simple pair of glasses. It is a hard task to pull off. 

Even though the product is completely running, the company has not revealed the details of availability or pricing. 

All about the Smart glasses!

First of all, in this part of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we discuss the general concept of these smart glasses.

 The company aims to provide a future where smartphones will completely be replaced by smart glasses. They claim that their smart glasses can display messages, navigate through maps, take pictures, make calls and translate text. Moreover, you will be able to see all of the details of the incoming calls on your screen.

According to Xiaomi, the glasses will be a great fit for cyclists, drivers, and for off-roading where keeping an eye on the road is very important. Distractions cannot be afforded.

Additionally, an important highlight of these smart glasses is real-time translations. Obviously to let the user communicate with foreigners.

Besides, these glasses are made to be used as stand-alone devices. For the before-mentioned features.


In this part of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we discuss the Xiaomi Smart glasses design and concept. These glasses are so much more than just an accessory for your smartphone.

Essentially, with its newest smart glasses, the parent company plans on making the glasses practical for daily use. The design is a sleek and matt black design. Its small chip design makes the screen installation under the small eyeglass frame near perfect.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Specifications:

In this part of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we discuss the Xiaomi Smart glasses specifications including the technology used. Dimensions and components.

Basically, it has been observed that the brand aims to keep the overall weight of the product on the lower end. They weigh about 51 grams. They are powered by a quad-core Arm-based chip.

Also, a 0.13-inch micro-LED display is used in the product.  

In addition, the glasses work with Xiaomi’s XiaoAI assistant to regulate the notifications. The AI software displays necessary and important notifications.  Instead of bombarding the screen with endless bubbles. It improves time management. Since it cuts out the time to look for the phone to look at the messages. The feature of VIP contact will probably be there.

Xiaomi’s voice-controlled XiaoAI assistant will be the main way of controlling these glasses.

Furthermore, these Smart glasses come with a 5MP camera positioned at the edge of the camera. A red indicator light will point out when the camera is being used. This is to get rid of privacy concerns. When the glasses will start being used, only then will we be able to find out whether or not this light is visible in daylight or not.

Moreover, the camera is also going to be used in the real-time translation of the text. This is so the user can translate signs and boards in foreign countries.

These smart glasses also come with a built-in microphone for calls etc. They also have dual speakers. In addition, these speakers function to filter out external sounds. This helps the user listen clearly.

In addition, the microphone might also come in handy in real-time transcribing the audio into translated text.


In this part of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we discuss the Xiaomi Smart glasses features and working of the product.

According to the company, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a camera like the Facebook x Ray-Ban sunglasses. The features include state-of-the-art micro-LED technology. Also, Micro-LED display is said to ensure a bright screen and a condensed screen.

This is different than the mini-LED technology that other companies such as Apple have used. Rather, it is much like OLED technology where each pixel is self-lit.

 Moreover, every pixel is very tiny. 4μm to be exact. They combine to create a monochrome image for maximum efficiency. Unbelievably, the display of these smart glasses can reach retina scorching at a whopping 2 million nits! 

The spectacles can be used in monochrome mode as well. They have incorporated the optical wavelength technology in the lens on the right so it can refract the light from its small display. That is approximately the same size as a grain of rice. The purpose of this small size is to make it relatively easier to fit the chip into the frame of the connected spectacles.


The company has adopted a particular technology called adopted Waveguide or wave tube. It adopts a sieve structure. This structure allows a special kind of beam of light to be refracted onto the eyes of the user.

Rather than displaying the images directly in front of the right eyes, these glasses use this optical wavelength technology. Paired with reflection and refraction technology to carry the image from the Micro-Led chip to the user using a single lens. 

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Release date:

In this part of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we discuss the Xiaomi Smart glasses release date. Along with all of the speculations that surround the release date.

Unfortunately, the glasses have not been officially announced or released yet. Even though the product is fully functional and working, the information regarding its release has also not been disclosed to the public. However, in light of the currently available information, we can speculate that the brand is considering it.

All the information is just an idea as of now. They are just a concept and the release date is not decided yet.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Price:

In this part of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Review, we discuss the Xiaomi Smart glasses price and potential monetary value.

Much like the release date of the Smart Glasses, there is no information on how much the glasses would cost. This is because the glasses are just a concept yet. Nonetheless, the technology the company plans on using is currently being used in several other products. So who knows.


The Xiaomi Smart Glasses are just a concept yet. However, they are entirely based on concepts that are being applied in the currently available technology. These glasses use state-of-the-art technology with Mini-LEDs display technology to deliver a very intensely bright and clear display screen.

In addition, these Smart glasses use powerful miniature chips for compact and comfortable performance. The optical waveguide technology is used to ensure strong brightness. These glasses are supposed to be used independently for calls, navigation, and messages along with other features such as translation, transcription.

All in all, it’s a great concept, which leaves you in awe of modern technology.

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